Fitness by Movement Magic
Hill's Gym welcomes Kelly Rosenberg

Classes begin March 21 - @ Hill's Gym, 340 Wolf Ln, La Vernia, TX 78121

Fun Fitness

A Fun low-impact workout that is all about Movement and "Unsticking" joints and muscles, coupled with strengthening and balance exercises

RESULT - More Energy, Less Achy, Happy You!

$20 / session

Functional Pilates

A positively energetic Strength & Conditioning class incorporating classic Pilates

RESULT - Stronger, Flexible You!

$20 / session

Functional Yoga

Enjoy Stretching, Strengthening & Fun while improving your posture & decreasing aches & pains

RESULT- Stronger, healthier you!

$20 / session

Ready to be the best "you" ever?

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